We’ve done several corporate oriented and recaps photo and video productions, basing them on the events where Fusion Latina is the agent of experiential marketing. They go to different cities bringing branded experiences to hispanic soccer leagues. This time, with Gatorade.

Brand Design

We designed several stationary elements under Gatorade’s brand manual for tournaments across the United States such a t-shirts, challenge areas, field ids, informative banners, etc


Action photography was taken for social media use during tour activations. This photography shows Gatorade what kind of audience we were reaching and how many people were in the events

Social Media

Fusionlatinaagency have been experiencing a non stop growing this last three month on Facebook, Instagram and now LinkedIn. They’ve been following instructions and together we developed a strategy that is working for everyone. Here are some insights (July 2021)


We developed a website for an specific campaign that consisted in a poll to understand better the behavior of a specific segment of their audience

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